Bea Cabrera
How to Create Originals - Exhibition

First Skin


Photography facing fashion and identity
Seven Star Gallery, Berlin
Curated by: Joachim Baldauf

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How to create Originals

How can we create originals in times of eclecticism? This was the question Joachim Baldauf posed to students of the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin. Over the course of the summer semester of 2012, they searched for answers.

The students

Armin Unruh, Bea Cabrera, Berit Styll, Gregor Schmidt, Hannah Schorch, Inigo Gracianteparaluceta, Ingrid Raab, Johanna Hullar, Larisa Postnikova, Marie Weikopf, Marlene Sattler, Mona Geyer, Sabine Zschaubitz, Sandra Gramm, Sarah Lancelin, Simon Richter and Winnie Mahrin

The magazine

One result was the magazine How to create Originals in Times of Eclecticism. In ten steps, it demonstrates how to create unique fashion photography. In addition to his lectures at the university, Joachim Baldauf accompanied the students on a variety of photographic excursions. One of these included professional assistance from stylist and fashion editor Jane Garber, makeup artist Karla Neff, hair stylist Acacio da Silva and model Eveline Hall. The magazine was designed by Christoph Laurisch.

How to create Originals in Times of Eclecticism
Language: German
Format: 21 x 28 cm
Contents: 150 pages, softcover
Release: March 2012
Price: €15.00

The exhibition 

Selected photographs were exhibited at Sevenstargallery in Berlin. Curator Nadine Barth encouraged the students to organise the exhibition “Semipermeabel”.

The video

A video that accompanied the exhibition was filmed by the students and edited by Johanna Hullar.