Bea Cabrera


Director of Photography

Year: 2017

Genre: Drama Shortfilm

Position: Director of Photography

Director / Writer / Producer: Kendra McDonald

Camera: RED Scarlet

Set Photographer: Mark Joseph

A 12yr. old girl writes an angry letter to God, after the death of her father, but she doesn’t expect him to write back.

This story is about seeing from a child perspective what young girls and boys go through when they lose a parent and the effect that it has on them. It’s also about the relationship between a young girl and God and about the loss of faith, trust and reconnecting, with the main theme being Hope.

When you read books/ the Bible on God you learn that God is Love and the greatest thing to have is Love or else nothing else matters. The other theme in this story is family relationships, specifically between a Father and Daughter. The subtext of the film or scenes in the film really boil down to anger, loss of identity and self and loss of faith in God.

Kendra McDonald