Bea Cabrera

Year: 2012

Client: Partido de Internet

Medium: Internet Infographics

Location: Spain

Basic 30 seconds infographics for Partido de Internet (Spain’s Internet Party). Another version contains narration.

In a computer driven world, full of technologic gadgets, time sparing machines and electronic brain extensions, democracy couldn’t remain being this ancient idea the greeks passed onto us. In times where one can have thousands of virtual friends on facebook, millions of followers on twitter and dozens of millions of views on a cat video on youtube, it is absurd to think that only 200-300 people can drive a country and represent its people.

After the recent big economic crash citizens have turned against politics, being them most of the times the main cause of corruption and misuse of resources. People have paid the incapability of a few to asume power, but what if power was widely spread amongst everybody? New political parties are being born under the idea of true democracy, liquid democracy. They defend an internet based system of continuous public voting that will eventually replace all government members in favor of a more plural form of government.

The world is getting smaller whilst we reach out for bigger circles. We embrace multicultural communities in and out of Internet and why not use social media to represent us all?