Bea Cabrera

The Rise of Aria

Director of Photography & Editor

Year: 2017

Genre: Drama Shortfilm

Position: Director of Photography

Director / Writer: Marie Mitkovskaya

Camera: RED Epic Dragon

After her husband leaves her for some other woman, Aria looks for love in other hookups before she realises the power of independence relies within herself alone.

Aria and Tom break up after years of relationship, because Tom has a mistress named Roxanne. Tom takes the engagement ring back from Aria. Aria wakes up in her car. Aria meets Phoenix in the park, he takes pictures of her. Aria gets interested in Phoenix. She tells him that she is unhappy and he invites her on a date. Aria comes to the dinner at Phoenix’s place and they get drunk. but nothing happens that night. Their relationship is blooming. They spend a lot of time together. Phoenix has precious moments with Aria. Aria waits for Phoenix at the movie theatre, but he is not able to come. She decides to go to the movies alone for the first time in her life. Phoenix gives Aria tickets to Brazil, after she told him, that she was ready to go. Aria is about to leave to Brazil, when she suddenly sees Tom. She makes a choice to go to Brazil, instead of starting a relationship with Tom again. Aria is in Brazil. She is happy.