Bea Cabrera

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Home | DirectingOne WayDirector Click here to WATCH. (password: oranother)WATCH HERE LOGLINE: Cesar is coming back to Spain for a friends reunion after spending a year as an expat abroad. His friends have moved on without him and his fears of detachment become very present as Julio is constantly reminding him of what he has missed. But
Year: 2016Medium: Narrative ShortfilmLocation: Los Angeles (USA), Berlin (Germany), Helsinki (Finland) After discovering the tracks of what looks like an illegal hacking attempt upon his company's network, Mike Donahue will pursue the trespassers' digital trail while staying one step ahead of the NSA. A fictional story about government surveillance loosely, but factually, based on recent
Year: 2015Client: PersonalMedium: Narrative ShortfilmLocation: Los Angeles (USA) and Berlin (Germany) What would you ask your future self? Would you really want to know if you ever made it? A passion driven young boy flies overseas to pursue his dreams of becoming a broadcast anchor, but life will drastically change his plans and his definition