— Banners and promotion for Bicilink's #BikeGeeks hashtag— 

  Year: 2015

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Rubén Marzal is the proud founder of this online store for cycling geeks. He raised it from the ground and it looks like it will stay for the long run. They have been preparing a new promotion that will go both, online and offline, asking clients to upload and share pictures with the products they acquired from the shop. The promotion is tracked via the hashtag #BikeGeeks. He asked me to help him out with graphics for social media campaign and also an infographic to explain the process.

Banners for social media

We designed a few different banners for Bicilink’s Facebook and Twitter pages, always keeping in mind the concepts of adventure and an earthy feeling, together with enhancing the brand’s green hue.



The explanatory graphic required a one ink only simple, yet clear enough, infographic flow diagram.


User pictures



The importance of a hashtag grows as it spreads across all of the brand’s media platforms. It is, therefore, very important that it occupies a prominent space near the brand’s logo in it’s website, so that users will perceive it as an official way of communicating with the company.


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