— Genética Médica— 

  Year: 2014

  Craft(s): Illustrator

  Client: Genética Médica

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Inspired by genetics’ double helix, referencing the nucleic acids DNA and RNA, and an «m» for medical, I came up with the logo for a university group dedicated to online high standard courses on genetics for spanish speaking medical professionals all around the world. Their aim is to become the biggest genetics’ reference in spanish and —together with the courses they offer— they also publish a magazine that will carry the same branding image.

At first, I approached the subject with a bold move: colour. I wanted to stress the concept of mixing things together in order to achieve new products, just like genetics works. By overlapping 6 spot colours I was able to produce new ones, thus replicating the ideas of «system» and «evolution».

But at Genética Médica they wanted to simplify the reproduction of their logo, so I finally limited it to just turquoise and grey, but still kept the play of juxtaposition to achieve all final shades. A desaturated coloured version is still visible under the «Construction Detail» section.





Construction Detail


Black & White


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