— Generative Logo— 

  Year: 2012

  Craft(s): Processing

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First steps with Processing. I was attempting a generative logo that would transmit chaos and “messy” but within limits (sphere). Also concepts like world traveling, the wool ball of a cat (yes, I’m a cat girl), drawing, fashion… Plus, as a friend of mine says: “Round things are generally good”… so there goes my very own globe.

This is my first attempt at a generative logo. Ideally the ball was meant to be in 3D, but I still have to manage to keep the strings just on the surface of it, so in the meantime I have two different balls of strings: one that actually interacts with mouse actions and rotates and the other that grows and grows but doesn’t rotate.

You can check out the project code here:

For a further explanation of the process, check my post on the blog.


2 responses to “Tangled world”

  1. peibol says:

    buaaassss Bea muy chulo!! tanto el póster como la animación!!!
    *Tu primo que anhela hacer un proyecto juntos, podríamos llamarnos los Cabrera 😉

  2. bea says:

    Yay! gracias! Vente para Berlín y montamos algo!! 😀