— Showcasing videos the big way— 

  Year: 2014

  Craft(s): html + css + php, javascript (jQuery)

  Client: MONKEY Pictures

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MONKEY Pictures is a Berlin-based creative agency and media production company. I did customization of WordPress theme with custom made front page for heavy video showcase.

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Their focus of work is video editing and compositing, trailer production and advertising campaigns direction, so the only subject of their portfolio would be in video format. To quickly highlight MONKEY’s most important work, I designed a dashboard widget that made easy the definition of four chosen items that would make up the homepage and be played just a click away.


When a project from the portfolio is clicked to play, it is loaded by ajax to the bottom of all projects and the screen is scrolled automatically to it, in order to be able to read it’s content and description. It is clean with no other clutter around, distracting links or parallel pages to surf to.


Check out also the use of custom icons for different sections


For any references, please contact MONKEY Pictures


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