— Responsive Web Gallery based on masonry display— 

  Year: 2013

  Craft(s): PHP, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, Isotope, Infinite Scroll, Inview, Lightbox

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A gallery page displaying my snapshots from a WordPress loop in a masonry layout.

To create it I used the following jQuery plugins:

– Isotope, the chemical arrangement by David Desandro, to help create a grid style layout with totally out of the box responsive and fluid properties and many options,

– Infinite Scroll, by Paul Irish, to ease the navigation not having to click through pages anymore,

– Inview, by Protonet, to apply some nice effects to the blossoming content, and

– Lightbox, by Lokesh Dhakar, to provide an overlay to display full screen images when clicked.

You can read the How-To tutorial on my blog.

Snapshot Diary by Bea Cabrera

Snapshot Diary by Bea Cabrera

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